Inkscape batch convert SVG to PDF

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

I recently had the problem that i needed to convert a lot of .svg files to .pdf for use in a LATEX document.

Inspired by this ubuntuforums post here is a little piece of bash that allows you to do the conversion for all .svg files in the current directory:

for i in *.svg; do inkscape -C $i -A=`echo $i | sed -e 's/svg$/pdf/'`; done

The -C tells inkscape to use the page as defined in the svg as export region. Replacing it with -D will make sure that all drawn objects are included. Of course you can also use the same technique to do e.g. a png export:

for i in *.svg; do inkscape -C $i -e=`echo $i | sed -e 's/svg$/png/'`; done

For more useful options check the inkscape man page.

Bachelor’s thesis complete

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Yesterday I finally handed in my bachelor’s thesis at the Technische Universität München. Although the chosen subject “Interactive visualization of global routing dynamics” was quite interesting to work with it does feel good when everything is over. However, since my advisers seemed to be quite pleased with the results, it is very likely that I will continue my work on this project as at research assistant at the Chair for Network Architectures and Services.


To manage the rapid growth of the Internet, numerous tools were designed that allow to visually interpret routing graphs from a specific vantage point or on a local scale, thus helping network administrators make decisions on routing policies. Many of the applied techniques however exhibit poor scaling when they are used to draw larger parts of the global routing graph. In this thesis, AS-Viewer is introduced as a new and flexible tool that allows the use of different graph drawing techniques to display a wide variety of annotations for the AS-Graph. To limit the complexity of the resulting images, clustering can be used alongside with hierarchy based graph layouts. In addition, the graph drawing is done in hardware accelerated 3D, allowing the user to interactively inspect the AS-Graph using perspective to highlight specific subregions of the Internet. Further interactivity is provided through an interpreter that allows close inspection and man­ipulation of the graph. It will be concluded that AS-Viewer can greatly help interpreting large and complex datasets on global routing by allowing to quickly identify peculiarities and potential errors, thus making it an ideal tool in further analysis of global Internet structure.

If the images or the abstract made you curious: here is the .pdf

back home

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

My time in Finland has passed far too quickly, but it was a great experience that I wouldn’t want to miss.

Besides getting to know heaps of students from half the world I also managed to learn a little bit of Finnish. I’m not sure if I will ever need

again, but who knows, after all almost one in thousand people worldwide speaks finnsih. [stunning number yeah] I got to know the Finns as a very nice people that may seem a little reserved at first, but when you managed to get to know them a little they are much more welcoming than some of the mediterranean folks. But of course the Finns also had some irritating customs. These included not really putting spice in their food, lighting hundreds of kilometres of streets through Nowhere and heating the pedestrian precinct. Maybe Finland could use some inspiration from southern europe for their cuisine ;)

I also had a few interesting courses in Finland that ranged from data compression to machine learning, it’s not unlikely that I’ll do one of my theses in on of these fields. But I have yet to decide about those…

And now a few more pictures from Finland:

the finnish outback – cottage trip

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

just pictures this time ;)

Tallinn, Soumenlinna, National Parks & Squirrels

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Hi everyone!

I’ve been lazy with my posts once again but here it is, another piece of new from the “not-so-cold”-north.

My sister has been around for the last few days and together with other exchange students we took the ferry to Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. We get up so early that the Finns at the train station were still trying to wash away the remains of last nights partying round the train station. Once on the ferry (which is only 30€ incl. return!) we quickly went inside because of the strong wind on deck. Tallinn itself turned out to have a really stunning old town. A large portion of the city fortifications is still intact and well kept. Also the houses in the city are sometimes a few hundred years old and many of them are now embassies, restaurants, or souvenir shops (every 50 meters ;)  We were mostly lucky with the weather but it did rain in the afternoon and so we went into a nice café somewhere in the backstreets. After some more walking we went inside again, although it wasn’t raining. The reason this time was that the restaurant at market square had different prices for inside and outside. The price of a small coke actually doubles if you buy it outside! In the evening we made a short stop at a supermarket and a liqueur store to buy some beer, as the prices are a fair bit lower than in Helsinki (up to factor 2!)

Also we went to Suomenlinna Island and found a nice sunny spot protected from wind directly at the shore.Another day we went to Nuuksio National Park near Espoo. We had planned to maybe collect some mushrooms but it turned out that we didn’t know the right spots for edible ones (we saw many that screamed “eat at own risk” ). However we came across a few interesting and beautiful places as we didn’t exactly follow the marked paths around the park. We actually crossed some kind of swamp :D. Throughout the day we met exactly 1 (thats “one” spelled out) other visitor in the entire time we were there. Not very busy but thats probably a good thing ;) Another thing that we didn’t come across is animals. Most of the animals fled long before we could even see them, but that wasn’t such a big problem as there are hundreds of curious squirrels living right behind my student housing complex (Yeah I almost live in a forest)

In the evenings we tried out a few more party places around Helsinki including an Irish Pub (Molly Malones) that is rapidly becoming on of my regular destinations when we can’t decide where to go. Next week I’ll probably go see something at the Helsinki Film Festival and we are starting to plan a trip to Stockholm.

In case you are wondering If I’m actually studying anything here, well I am…. but it doesn’t take up too much time so far. The semester is divided in two sections here and in the first one I’m only doing an easy introduction to Python programming and a lecture about information theory (things like data compression). The only other uni appointment is my Finnish course, so yes I do have a lot of time to check out things from cities to Erasmus parties. That’s it for the moment, maybe I can find some time to write more soon (don’t place any bets…)

(somehow I forgot this post in the drafts section sorry for delay)

news from the north

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

While looking at a calendar I realized that I’ve already been up here for more than one week and the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should write something new here ;)

As it turns out my room isnt that bad to reach after all because I also found a train running nearby. Also I wont have to go to uni all that often for the first half. The semester is divided in 2 sections here and in the first one I will only have classes Tuesday and Thursday :D These classes include python (programming), information theoretic modelling (computer science theory) and a beginners course in finnish (the language still seems crazy).

Together with other excahnge students we already made a short trip to the Island of Suomenlinna just south of Helsinki. There we walked through the remains of a huge castle built in the 18th century and had a pick-nick. Also we went to a few parties already, but sadly thats one of the things really expensive here. One pint of beer usually sets u back 5€ at least. Nevertheless i think there will be more than enough cheaper private parties with the other exchange students ;)

Another expensive thing (there are many of those) is buying groceries. The market that is closest to my student housing complex has quite a few items that cost twice as much as in Munich. But yesterday I have found a Lidl only one train stop away that has more reasonable prices (still expensive but acceptable)

One of the few things that are actually cheaper here is public transport. As long as you don’t have to go to Vantaa (north/northeast) or Espoo (west) you get one month for some 40€ or so. There is also a student discount but it only applies if you stay for more than one semester.

What is really silly is something about the Lyyra card. That card is something like a student card and it gets you many advantages… if u have one. The problem is that it takes almost a month to get it and you need to pay the card fee with bank transfer… very convenient for exchange students that have only just arrived…. Let’s hope that it arrives at the end of September….

One thing that happens to many Erasmus students is that you mostly get to meet other exchange students. To avoid that I went for a programme called ALICE where u get to meet Finnish students who want to improve their German. My partner will be a Maikki, a finnish student of international relations. As most Finnish students she seems to be in heaps of student organizations, clubs and other stuff, so It seems im going to get to know quite a few Finns.

As I dont have a working camera charger (working on that) right now, I dont have many pictures to show you, but if you know me on facebook you can always check out the “linked photos”, there are quite a few there.

first images from the north

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Yesterday I arrived here in Helsinki and I like it already (perhaps because uni hasn’t started yet *g*)

I’ll be living in a student housing complex in the north-east of the city not too far from the uni campus. I took a few pictures of this place for you to have a look:

Puhutteko te englantia?*

Saturday, August 29th, 2009
* Finnish for “Do you speak english?”

The time has come again, after 2 years in munich I became a little bored and decided to see something new. As some of you might know I’m going to spend the next winter term at Helsink University in Finland. Although my trip is starting next Monday, I cant exactly say that I’m fully packed, but who cares, still more than 24hrs to go!

I’ve already learned a tiny piece of that crazy language, but for anyone who thinks of that French is a very hard language…. think again. Finnish has cases in its grammar for counting or to describe relations to surfaces or volumes. Also there seems to be no limit for the length of a word as you can pick from a heap of suffixes to spice it up. The only easy part is pronunciation. Coming from Germany it seems you can say most words just the way it’s written.

There’ll be more to read here about my 4 month study trip soon (well if i can spare some time ;)  )

stay tuned…

having fun with SOAP

Monday, July 20th, 2009

For a while now I’ve been knee deep in the SOAP and XML swamps.

These cool swaps feature

  • changing case sensitivity “Request” and “request” u need both…
  • great fun with datatypes that exist in the language the server is written in but are absent in the clients environment
  • undocumented behaviour that you only stumble across trying things that don’t really make any sense…

and to make things even more fun, the documentation page just went out of service yesterday… horraay!

Practical experience with SOAP is far less straightforward as some uni lecturer suggested…

And as if page after page of XML-junk weren’t enough, at the same time uni exams are looming: 2000+ powerpoint slides ahead, collision course set…

Erasmus Helsinki University

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Just received official approval for my Erasmus exchange semester at Helsinki University for the next autumn-winter term: Finland I’m coming :D

Only thing I’m still waiting for is some info on the ELIC Finnish course, so that i can go for my plane ticket ;)