While looking at a calendar I realized that I’ve already been up here for more than one week and the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should write something new here ;)

As it turns out my room isnt that bad to reach after all because I also found a train running nearby. Also I wont have to go to uni all that often for the first half. The semester is divided in 2 sections here and in the first one I will only have classes Tuesday and Thursday :D These classes include python (programming), information theoretic modelling (computer science theory) and a beginners course in finnish (the language still seems crazy).

Together with other excahnge students we already made a short trip to the Island of Suomenlinna just south of Helsinki. There we walked through the remains of a huge castle built in the 18th century and had a pick-nick. Also we went to a few parties already, but sadly thats one of the things really expensive here. One pint of beer usually sets u back 5€ at least. Nevertheless i think there will be more than enough cheaper private parties with the other exchange students ;)

Another expensive thing (there are many of those) is buying groceries. The market that is closest to my student housing complex has quite a few items that cost twice as much as in Munich. But yesterday I have found a Lidl only one train stop away that has more reasonable prices (still expensive but acceptable)

One of the few things that are actually cheaper here is public transport. As long as you don’t have to go to Vantaa (north/northeast) or Espoo (west) you get one month for some 40€ or so. There is also a student discount but it only applies if you stay for more than one semester.

What is really silly is something about the Lyyra card. That card is something like a student card and it gets you many advantages… if u have one. The problem is that it takes almost a month to get it and you need to pay the card fee with bank transfer… very convenient for exchange students that have only just arrived…. Let’s hope that it arrives at the end of September….

One thing that happens to many Erasmus students is that you mostly get to meet other exchange students. To avoid that I went for a programme called ALICE where u get to meet Finnish students who want to improve their German. My partner will be a Maikki, a finnish student of international relations. As most Finnish students she seems to be in heaps of student organizations, clubs and other stuff, so It seems im going to get to know quite a few Finns.

As I dont have a working camera charger (working on that) right now, I dont have many pictures to show you, but if you know me on facebook you can always check out the “linked photos”, there are quite a few there.

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