* Finnish for “Do you speak english?”

The time has come again, after 2 years in munich I became a little bored and decided to see something new. As some of you might know I’m going to spend the next winter term at Helsink University in Finland. Although my trip is starting next Monday, I cant exactly say that I’m fully packed, but who cares, still more than 24hrs to go!

I’ve already learned a tiny piece of that crazy language, but for anyone who thinks of that French is a very hard language…. think again. Finnish has cases in its grammar for counting or to describe relations to surfaces or volumes. Also there seems to be no limit for the length of a word as you can pick from a heap of suffixes to spice it up. The only easy part is pronunciation. Coming from Germany it seems you can say most words just the way it’s written.

There’ll be more to read here about my 4 month study trip soon (well if i can spare some time ;)  )

stay tuned…


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